Argument Posts

For argument posts, students were asked to respond to one of six prompts:

  1. Geography and location are the most important factors in a civilization’s development.
  2. Water is the most important factor in a civilization’s development.
  3. Humans are stronger than the environment, and change it more.
  4. Urbanization is a good thing for people.
  5. Trade is necessary for complex civilizations.
  6. The center is more important than the periphery.

The assignment began with two “first responses” of 1-3 paragraphs, each of which had to take a different stance on the prompt–one agreeing, one disagreeing, etc.

The following week, students then rebutted each argument from the view of the other.

The third week, they continued their arguments, building on what they had already written.

They then took these two sets of pieces and combined them into coherent arguments to be read as one piece

After comments, they revised one of these drafts into the posts on this blog.